The COVID-19 scheduling nightmare has led to an unexpected week one matchup with the Keys Cougars traveling to Konawa to face the Tigers on Friday.

Keys was originally slated to face Gore and Konawa was planning to face Crooked Oak. It only took a couple game cancellations and week of game phone calls to get to where we are now.

Keys head coach Adam Hass is the school's third head coach in as many years. He has had anything but an optimal start to his tenure to say the least.

The Cougars look to improve on their 4-6 record last season. Coach Hass wants to instill a culture that is complementary to winning in his program.

Senior lineman Tristan Howe looks to anchor the trenches on both sides of the ball. Junior quarterback Lane Taylor will lead the offense at quarterback for the third straight year. Coach Hass has brought a more modern, spread style offense to Keys and has moved away from the wing-t style the Cougars have run in years past.

Jordan Andrews, Cooper Hamilton and Garrett Glory will be the weapons on the outside that Taylor will have at his disposal.

Defensively, Hass has switched to an odd man defensive front with Tristan Howe being the anchor at nose guard. Jeremiah Clinton will join Howe on the defensive line. Garrett Glory will also see defensive snaps in the secondary.

Konawa comes off a 3-8 record last season in Class A with wins over Pocola, Panama and Westville but still managed to make the playoffs.

The Tigers had two scrimmages cancelled, one against Holdenville and the another against Elmore City-Pernell. Silas Isaacs will pilot the Konawa offense that struggled to move the ball at times last season.

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