KETCHUM - The Hulbert Riders routed the Ketchum Warriors with a final score of 33-0 in Ketchum on Friday night.

The score was perfect however the game was far from it. This one could be the called the turnover bowl due to Hulbert having five turnovers, three fumbles and two interceptions. This was only to be out done by Ketchum's total of seven turnovers, five by fumble and two interceptions.

The Rider offense planned to open up their passing game and to that end they did put up eight completions averaging just over 18 yards per catch. Playing against a live defense requires the quarterback to learn to read the safety and that will come with experience.

On the ground the offense rushed for 194 yards in 31 attempts averaging just over six yards per carry. The effectiveness of the ground game opened up the pass routes for Johnathan Jones to complete seven passes to five different receivers for a total of four passing touchdowns on the night. The only rushing touchdown was a quarterback keeper on the one yard line in the first quarter.

"Our goal was to work on our passing game right? We wanted to run the ball and try to get a few touchdowns and we did. Some things were good some things were bad but we had too many turnovers, quarterback play was still iffy on some stuff but it worked out to our favor so we'll take it," Hulbert head coach Scott Sapulpa said.

The defense was out in force to shutdown the Ketchum Warriors allowing only 47 total yards of offense versus Hulbert's total of 339 yards. The Rider defense looked sharp and was able to penetrate the backfield early and often causing the Warriors offense to be tackled for a loss eight times. Hunter Thomas led the defense with 8.5 tackles, five for a loss, James Bruce was credited with eight tackles, 3.5 for a loss, and Jacob Beall is credited with 5.5 tackles.

"Defensively we've really changed some things and Coach Pilgrim done a good job," Sapulpa said. "Even though we lost last week we stood out defensively. That's a big deal and the turnovers we created, I think we won that by one, I haven't checked the stats but that's a crazy amount of turnovers."

Penalties are still an issue with a whopping 14 called on the Riders for a total of 115 yards lost as well as at least two rushing touchdowns by James Bruce being called back because of them.

"I know Coach Prince, were buddies, and he's made them a lot better of a team than they were a year ago, it's probably going to come down to who makes the fewest mistakes," Sapulpa said. "Of course we expect to go win, we're going to watch this film, fix these mistakes we made, clean that up not do that again next Friday and go out and win."

The Riders play their first district game against the Porter Pirates next Friday in Porter with kickoff scheduled for 7 p.m.

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