HULBERT – Reba Fore was the leading scorer for Hulbert with 13 points in the 39-32 win over the Sallisaw Central Lady Tigers. Fore scored 4 in the second, added 5 in the third, and 4 more in the fourth quarter for her total points.

The Lady Riders bolted to a 11-5 lead in the first quarter as Sydney Dunning and Charlie Walker each shot a 3-pointer and Kim Masters made the other 5 points with two field goals and a free throw.

Both teams scored 11 points in the second quarter to give the Lady Riders a 22-15 lead at halftime. The other points in the quarter came from 3-pointers by Dunning and Walker. Jessica Henson scored the other point in the quarter on a free throw.

The two teams played on even terms again in the third quarter as each time scored 9 points, to give the Riders a 31-24 lead at the end of the third period. Besides Fore’s points, Henson and Masters had a field goal each.

The two teams again played on even terms in the fourth quarter as both teams scored 8 points each. The remaining points by the Lady Riders were scored by Masters as she scored 2 points, both from the charity stripe. Dunning also hit one from the line. The remaining point was scored by Hidi Charney also from the free-throw line.

The win gave the Lady Riders gave a 5-4 record in Big Eight Conference play and 12-5 overall. The Lady Riders will play in another Big Eight Contest at home with Okay Tuesday. Tip off will be at 6:30 p.m.

Hulbert vs. Sallisaw Central

Hulbert 11 11 9 8 -39

Sallisaw Central 5 11 9 8 -32

Hulbert: Reba Fore 13, Kim Masters 9, Sydney Dunning 7, Charlie Walker 6, Jessica Henson 3, Hidi Charney 1

Sallisaw Central: Lacey Wallace 16, Bunny Postoak 10, Melissa Buckner 6



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HULBERT – Despite having two players in double figures, the Hulbert Riders fell to the Sallisaw Central Tigers 50-37. The Riders were led by Chase Johnson with 14 points and Kendall Kilpatrick with 10 points. The Riders got off to a quick start as Johnson hit on two 3-pointers, a field goal and a free throw for 9 points in the quarter. Jacob Reynolds also made a field goal and Jake Whitener made free throw to give the Riders a 12-6 lead. Tom Vougt of the Tigers made a field goal and a free throw to end the quarter and narrow the Rider lead to 12-9 at the end of the first period.

The Tigers put together an 11-0 run, stretching from the end of the first quarter into the second period to take a 17-12 lead over Hulbert. Kilpatrick ended the run with a 3-pointer, narrowing the Tiger lead 17-15. Central went on to outscore the Riders 14-9 in the quarter to take a 23-20 lead at halftime. Kilpatrick was the only Rider to score in the quarter as he made 8 points.

Central outscored Hulbert 11-10 in the third quarter to maintain their lead at 34-30. Jake Whitener added 5 points while Reynolds made a 3-pointer and Kilpatrick added a 2-pointer for the Riders.

Central put the game away in the fourth quarter by outscoring the Riders 16-7 for the 50-37 win. Only two Riders scored in the quarter as Johnson made two field goals with one being a 3-pointer. Whitener made the other 2 points in the quarter as he was 2-4 from the line.

The Riders are now 5-4 in Big Eight Conference play and 11-6 overall. Next up for the Riders will be another Big Eight contest at home against the Okay Mustangs on Tuesday. Tip off will be approximately 8 p.m. The junior varsity boys will start the night with tipoff at 4:30 p.m.

Hulbert vs. Sallisaw Central

Hulbert 12 8 10 7 -37

Sallisaw Central 9 14 11 16 -50

Hulbert: Chase Johnson 14, Kendall Kilpatrick 10, Jake Whitener 8, Jacob Reynolds 5

Sallisaw Central; Joce Tairn 9, Casey Dillard 9, Stevie Morris 9, Tom Vougt 8, Jamey Blaylock 7, Breden Gentry 6, Brock Demarez 2


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