Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks wasn't in full pads for at least the early portion of the Sooners' morning practice Monday, Aug. 5. (Joe Buettner / The Transcript) 

Oklahoma allowed media into practice for 20 minutes Monday, one of two sessions the team allows in preseason camp. 

There isn't much to glean during that time — the Sooners simply stretched during about half of it — but there are a few things to observe. 

Not in pads

Players aren't wearing full pads yet. But some were limited and going lightly in jerseys and shorts: The most notable names were running back Kennedy Brooks, defensive end Ronnie Perkins, defensive end Jalen Redmond and defensive end Kenneth Mann. 

Lincoln Riley said recently that Redmond is full go, but is being eased into things because of the blood clot issue he's dealt with in the past. It was also known that Mann, who was injured in the spring, will be limited for some time.

But Perkins and Brooks have otherwise been considered fully healthy. 

For now there's no real cause for worry about any of those players' long-term health. Others not in pads were OLB Bryan Mead, DE/OLB Joseph Weté and DB Starrland Baldwin. 

All those players participated in warm-ups. Redmond, Baldwin and Perkins were even running sprints. 

The QBs

A lot of eyes were on Jalen Hurts. Here's a nice throw from him to freshman Trejan Bridges: 

More looks 

Here are a few more looks inside practice courtesy of others on the OU football beat: 

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