The city of Tahlequah, along with the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce, will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26, at the new softball fields in the Anthis-Brennan Sports Complex.

This event is slated to be held just before the inaugural softball tournament, weather permitting. The tournament is scheduled for Sept. 26-28, with the cooperation of Tahlequah High School and Northeastern State University.

Ward 4 City Councilor Trae Ratliff said that six years ago Tahlequah voted on a $22 million bond issue, which included the completion of phase 2 of the Anthis-Brennan softball fields and a renovation of Phoenix Park.

“I am doing everything within my power to make sure we follow through with our promise to the people. I have made this a priority for two reasons. One, our kids need it,” said Ratliff. “Our baseball, softball and basketball programs have all but disappeared. I am bringing those back through the newly created Tahlequah Sports League which is a nonprofit league where all the resources of each sport are pooled together.”

Ratliff added that there is an economic impact of teams coming here to play in tournaments.

“Tournaments for other towns and cities have huge impacts on restaurants, hotels and retail. But here we don’t have that. This is a no brainer. Help these kids and, in turn, bring more people to town to eat, stay and play, thus increasing our sales tax revenues to help the city continue to provide the services we are used to,” he said.

For more information on the tournament, email Ratliff at

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