The Hulbert Riders are coming off three tough games to start the season, and they have gotten no help from the injury bag either.

Last Friday saw starting quarterback Walker Eaton go down with a knee injury and losing three of four starting receivers. With all of that though, Head Coach Ty Pilgrim had some positive things to say about his team.

"I feel like every game we have played has shown improvement so far," said Pilgrim. "Until our injuries in the latest game, it was a close ball game in the third. We have to try to start building off of that play and continue it through all four quarters, and then the rest of the season. Our backup QB came into a bad situation, as he had only been cleared to play football just the day before. Very little days of practice for him, he was just having to learn on the fly."

While Hulbert is 0-3, it essentially means nothing now that district play is starting. Hulbert opens their district play at home Friday against Canadian, who is also 0-3. This is the chance for Hulbert to try and build off a winnable game, and Pilgrim knows it.

"As far as I am concerned, us and Canadian are 0-0 as of now," said Pilgrim. "It's day one, this is the part of the season that matters most. All it takes is one win and it could change the trajectory of the season. The message I am stressing this week in practice, and ultimately the rest of the season, is adapt and overcome. That's it."

Hulbert and Canadian will take place at Hulbert this Friday, Sep. 24 at 7:00 p.m.

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