The Sequoyah Indians Football ended their season with a 30-50 loss to the Seminole Chieftains. The first quarter has been brutal to the Indians during the season and tonight was no exception. By the beginning of the second quarter, Seminole was up 28-0.

With 8:15 left before the half, running back Jason Batise scored his third touchdown of the half to make the score 35-0. Then Sequoyah would match that score with one of their own. Quarterback Jalen Handle tossed the ball to Eli Hammer who threw the ball to Quin Robbins for a 39- yard touchdown pass. The two- point conversion was no good and the Chieftain lead was down to 35-6. With 3:25 to go in the half, Seminole utilized their passing game to answer the Indian score. Receiver Braxton Street pulled in a 38- yard TD pass with 1:27 before the half to lead 42-6. With time running out, Hammer threw to Robbins again, this time the play ended at the five- yard line.

After the lights came back on from the band's glowing performance, Sequoyah took the kickoff and drove to the Chieftain 37. Hammer ran to the 31 but two incomplete passes later forced the Indians to turn the ball over on downs. Seminole had a three and out series and punted to Sequoyah at their 37. Hammer and Hummingbird both made runs to get to the 45 yard line. Then a pass to Brody Young got Sequoyah to the 15 -yard line. A Hammer pass was intercepted by Chieftain, Dalan Saxon, who was tripped up on the return by Hammer at the 36 yard line. Again, the Sequoyah Defense stiffened and Seminole gave up the ball on downs at their 45.

The fourth quarter saw Sequoyah turn the ball over on downs. Seminole got the ball back on their 34 -yard line. Quinten Moore would complete the drive on a 48- yard TD run. The two-point conversion was good and the Chieftains lead 50-6.

Austin Brown advanced the kickoff to the 43 -yard line for good field position. Hummingbird ran the ball to the Seminole 43. Hammer took the rest of the distance for a 43- yard TD run. The Todd Davis kick was good and Sequoyah improved the score to 50-13.

Seminole had a four-and-out and gave the football to Sequoyah at the 40-yard-line. Hummingbird had a hard run to 17- yard line and to the 11 and to the two- yard line for a 1st and goal. Hummingbird completed the drive with a two- yard run. A Davis extra point kick and the final score was 50-20.

After the first half, Seminole would only score 8 points and Sequoyah scored 14.

"I tell the kids to win the third quarter and win the second half and we did that." Sequoyah Coach Chad Hendricks said after the game.

The Sequoyah Season, however, would end without a win.

"I told them they have nothing to be ashamed of. They were up to the challenge. It may not be where we needed to be, but I'm proud of them. I know it's tough on the Seniors. I regret I didn't get to spend enough time with them. But we'll start over. The journey starts again." Coach Hendricks concluded.

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