The Sequoyah Football Team takes to the road to play their third district game of the season against the Locust Grove Pirates (1-5).

The Indians look to follow up on an improved offensive effort against undefeated Westville. Echota Hummingbird gained 189 yards on 15 rushing attempts and scored one touchdown. Quarterback Eli Hammer was 10/24 passing for 52 yards and rushed for 147 yards on 15 rushing attempts and scored 3 touchdowns. Austyn Holt rushed three times for 9 yards and converted three 2-point conversions. Eric Walters gained five yards on two attempts. Brody Young caught five passes for 30 yards.

"We're trying things a little different this week. We'll move Eli out of the pocket a little more. Give him time to throw." Sequoyah Coach Chad Hendricks offered. "We'll keep getting creative to move the football. If you can't throw the ball, then they'll pack the box. You have to get them to move out of the box. We're going to use a little motion. That might help him get more time. It's part of our progression to add more to our playbook. Add more formations and motions for different looks."

Defensively, what can be done to avoid the big play?

"Understanding down and distance. Understanding what your role is. There are eleven pieces of the machine and if one part doesn't work the machine doesn't run well. They have to adjust within the play. They have to adapt within the series or at halftime and not be so focused on doing one thing. If we can do that, it's a big thing.

Locust Grove has a good running back, a good offensive line. They'll be a challenge to us defensively. We have to control the passing game, pressure the quarterback without using a blitz, with four-men pressure. We have to execute and do things right." Coach Hendricks assessed his next opponent.

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