The Sequoyah Lady Indians Volleyball Team played at Regionals at Summit Christian in Broken Arrow on Thursday. In the first match, Summit Christian defeated Wesleyan Christian in three sets. Sequoyah was assigned to meet up with Corn Bible, 3A #9 (18-9).

In the first set, Sequoyah stayed competitive with Corn Bible until faltering at the 16-12 mark and losing nine straight points. The lady Indians battled throughout the second set but lost 25-15. The third set, however, showed that the Lady Indians would not give up without a fight.

Corn Bible got off to a 3-0 start but Sequoyah tied up the score at 6-6. The two teams would go toe-to-toe the rest of the set with the Lady Indians coming up short, 24-26, to finish out their comeback season.

"We wanted to come out and play hard, play together, and have fun. They've put in a lot of work this season and I wanted them to leave here proud of what they've done." Sequoyah Volleyball Coach, Laurin Keen, said after the match.

The third set proved an exciting and competitive way to end their season.

"They cut down on errors and got some serves going. They didn't give up all the way to the end and made big plays when they needed to." Coach Keen explained.

"They accomplished a lot, both in games won and in the Volleyball Program in general. They reset our program and put us in a good place moving forward. I know their effort and hard work means a lot to our fans and the school community. They made everyone proud." Coach Keen reflected on her team and the future of her program.

Sequoyah ends their volleyball season at 10-12.

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