New rules will take affect this fall. Among those rules are new helmet regulations. (Jerry Laizure / The Transcript)

There are a couple rule changes for college football this season. Kickoffs will now be from the 35-yard line and the ball will be placed at the 25-yard line on touchbacks. This rule was implemented to cut down on the amount of high-speed collisions that occur during kickoffs.

Another change will be players whose helmets are knocked off during the course of play, must now leave the field for at least one play before they are allowed to return to the field. Also, any player whose helmet comes off and continues to play will receive a 15-yard penalty.

The helmet rule is part of the push to reduce concussions in football. It should also solve another problem: a lot of players either where helmets that are too big or simply don't button the chin straps properly.

That will change this season. Equipment managers across the country know they better have guys in proper fitting helmets this season.

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