Staying Active

Jordan Gogo | Daily Press

Personal trainer Greg Hall, left, coaches Koehn Lee, 8, on ladder drills during the Full Potential Sports Performance elementary fitness class at the Northeastern State University track.

Young athletes honed their basic athletic skills in an elementary fitness class Wednesday morning.

The class is part of a summer program by Full Potential Sports Performance, a local organization founded by Tahlequah Middle School coach Greg Hall. Although he coaches students during the school year, his organization has no affiliation with Tahlequah Public Schools.

"I started Full Potential Sports many years ago when I had kids who wanted to get into sports but didn't have any knowledge of the fundamentals," said Hall. "I had some spare time in the summer and decided, 'why not us it to train?'"

As a personal trainer, Hall works with both children and adults of all ages who want to build their athletic skills.

"It's important for adults to stay active, too," said Hall. "You used to play sports when you were in school, but now you take the kids to the games and sit there and watch. I get it. I was there, too. You want to get back out on the field."

On Wednesday, Hall trained four young soccer players through fundamental drills.

"I try to implement little skills in their exercises," said Hall. "One day, I teach them basic running techniques. Another day, we work on sprints and speed work."

These fundamental skills can be applied to any sport, according to Hall.

"I mostly like the running," said Jaylie Foreman. "It helps me to have more speed and skills at soccer."

Koehn Lee liked the ladder drills, also saying it will help him improve his soccer playing.

"We can't put the kids on weights, so these exercises are a safe way to teach them strength training," said Hall. "The key thing is to make it fun for them. It makes them actually learn these fundamental skills."

Hall's small group classes cost $10 per child per class. Costs for individual classes, adult classes and more vary depending on the frequency of training and resources needed.

To sign up, visit Full Potential Sport Performance's Facebook page.

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