Martial arts students are kicking off the summer with half-day camps at Ramos Taekwondo.

The week-long camp is led by Master Denisse Ramos, who has trained in martial arts for 25 years.

"Students learn focus, discipline, balance drills and teamwork," said Ramos. "I've been teaching this for about 15 years."

For the first four days of the week, campers are trained to use a different weapon. On Monday, they used the bo staff, and on Tuesday, nunchucks.

"The four weapons we focus on are bo staffs, nunchucks, kamas and eskrima," said Ramos. "Friday is saved as a fun day."

Campers are taught by head instructor Blake Longshore, who has a second-degree blackbelt.

"Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-care and indomitable spirit are the five values we teach to students," said Longshore. "Everything they learn is built upon these strengths."

The 19-year-old head instructor has trained in martial arts since age 8. He began learning at Ramos Taekwondo after transferring from his first school, which closed.

"I intend to make a career out of this," said Longshore. "I want to be running this school in five years so Denisse can move on to start another school."

Longshore's favorite aspect of teaching is the experience of getting to meet students.

Camper Ben Brashear, 10, has been training for three years.

"Originally, I wanted to start fencing," said Brashear. "I tried taekwondo instead and I haven't wanted to leave since."

Brashear said he feels like he's gotten stronger and improved a lot.

"My favorite thing to do is sparring," said Brashear. "I wanted to learn self-defense because I got kicked in the neck and had to go to the emergency room."

Ramos Taekwondo accepts students from any background and encourages uncertain newcomers to try it out.

"This is really opportunistic," said Longshore. "Anybody can do it, even if you are physically or mentally disadvantaged. You can find something to succeed at."

Ramos Taekwondo's half-day camp is from 8 a.m. to noon, June 10-14.

Campers can sign up anytime through the link on their Facebook page or by visiting the dojo, 1114 S. Muskogee Ave. The camp costs $99 and includes snacks for the whole week.

For those who miss out, another, full-day camp is planned for July.

For more information, call Ramos at 918-457-0246.