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Blane Spriggs shadow boxes in Booyah Fight Team’s outdoor ring. Spriggs makes his debut Saturday, May 27 in Oklahoma City.

On Saturday, Blane Spriggs will step into the first fight of his life. In the boxing ring that is.

While Spriggs will be making his boxing debut from the lightweight class on Saturday, May 27, it will not be the first time he has walked into a fight. The Booyah Fight Team boxer used to compete in MMA, Tae Kwon Do, and wrestling.

Now Spriggs looks forward to his next challenge in the squared circle.

“I have been fighting since I was eight,” Spriggs said. “It seemed like the one thing that wasn’t too easy for me and I wanted to go give it a try. Maybe even try to go pro.”

Changing disciplines has unveiled a new mentality for Spriggs. While MMA matches can be one by ruthless aggression, boxing is more disciplined. Spriggs says a greater focus is needed when putting on the boxing gloves.

“You can’t lose your cool ever,” said Spriggs. “You can only use the one part of your body so you are limited. I see it as a bigger challenge.”

This weekend, Spriggs will step into a ring for the first time as he takes on Max Gordon from Roughhouse Boxing Gym. Gordon comes into the fight with a 2-1 record.

“Spriggs’ trainer Melissa Drywater does not see the experience from (NAME) playing too big of a factor,” said Drywater.

“It will come down to who wants it more. They are both trained. I know that opponent’s trainer and she is very good. His opponent has more ring time but it will come down to who wants it more, we are just going to go for it.”

Drywater booked the fight with Gordon due to a packed lightweight class. That weight class had a bevy of experienced fighters with eight or more fights under their belts. Drywater turned to Gordon, who has been involved in just three fights.

Since Spriggs is moving to a new fighting style, the training has been intense. Spriggs says he wakes up early in the morning to start his training.

Often starting with running, Spriggs then moves on to drills. There he will focus on footwork, bag speed, using the ropes, and more as he gears up for his first fight.

“Probably have trained the hardest I ever have,” said Spriggs. “It’s been a lot of work every morning at 5 a.m. I have been getting everything to where I can get it. I have been sweating a lot, bleeding a lot, and crying a lot.”

Booyah just unveiled their newest edition to their training setup; an outdoor boxing ring. This will allow Spriggs to get into the ring before facing off with Gordon.

The outdoor ring allows Drywater to instill the old-school training approach she tries to instill into Booyah’s fighters. Focusing on outdoor training, Drywater is teaching her fighters to adapt rather than training in a controlled environment. Along with that Drywater sticks to the classic drills while training.

“I am a strong believer in the old school philosophy that to improve you need to train in the elements,” said Drywater. “I think running outside is much tougher than on a treadmill for example. All the champions trained outside.”

This form of training has brought confidence to Spriggs. Despite having less training than Gordan, Spriggs expects a win in his debut.

“I expect to win my first fight,” said Spriggs. “He is going to have to do it with tears if he wants to beat me. My main focus is to get him out of the ring as quickly as possible.”

Spriggs will take on Gordon on May 27 in Oklahoma City.

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