FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas – All Sports Productions introduced a unique, virtual dual-event celebrating the summer and winter solstice. The Solstice Series challenges participants to complete their furthest distance and-or best time.

The Summer Solstice Challenge allows participants to complete their longest distance in any activity, while the Winter Solstice Challenge encourages competitors to compete for their fastest timed event.

All Sports Productions Solstice Series participants will receive unique finisher medals and a T-shirt. Participants can complete the summer and-or winter event, or both for the ultimate medal. The event does not have to be completed on the solstice, but rather when it is convenient for the participant, up until the registration deadline.

“We wanted an event that was different from what we were seeing offered and wanted to challenge everyone no matter what their skill level is,” said Amanda Nunnally, customer relationship coordinator. “If we are true to our mission statement and want to engage new participants, the challenge has to be fitting for a beginner. On the other hand, we never want to leave out anyone who already has athletic experience; we love our 'regulars.' I love that the Solstice Series can include everyone from rookie to pro. It even leaves the door open for an experienced runner to try cycling for the first time. Cheering people on is one of my favorite parts of this job, and this series allows me to do that for everyone. I can’t wait to see the comfort zones get stretched and limitations shattered while everyone is out crushing their goals.”

Registration for the event will be open until Jan. 31, 2021. Athletes can participate in the activity of their choice including walking, running, kayaking, etc.

Visit www.allsportssolsticeseries.com for more detailed race and registration information.

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